Black Hydra HDA-4.90 will appeal to a wide range of car audio enthusiasts who pay special attention to the sound quality of their system. Slightly less than HGA-4.100's output power allowed to make the amplifier more affordable while maintaining the general nature of the sound. But even with this amplifier has an impressive power reserve. Like the top rulers models of the Black Hydra, it is able to stable work at 1-ohm load and allows a bridge connection of subwoofers with a nominal impedance of 2 ohms, with output power of 2x430 Watts.

Such power capabilities making the amplifier absolutely universal. The HDA-4.90 is ideal for mid-range/high-frequency complex speaker systems with per-channel amplification, it provides detailed and clear sound when working in a wide frequency response range in the speakers with passive crossovers and is able to easily cope with most of subwoofers focused on SQ-application.

The overall layout of the interior space HDA-4.90 is similar to the model HGA-4.100 and has the same advantages. The use of sub-boards made it possible to optimize the lengths of conductors and get rid of the mutual influence between channels allowed to improve the transient attenuation and to increase the sharpness of the perceived images on the sound stage. The distribution of output stages transistors and power supply’s power switches along the body`s plane ensured efficient heat dissipation and stable operation of the amplifier at any modes.

Number of the channels4
4 Ohm RMS Power90 W x 4
2 Ohm RMS Power140 W x 4
4 Ohm RMS Power (Bridge)270 W x 2
2 Ohm RMS Power (Bridge)430 W x 2
Frequency Response20 - 20000 kHz
THD< 0.15 % (1kHz)
Signal-to-noise Ratio> 90 dB
Input Impedance47 kOhm
Input SPL0.1 - 8 V
Low Pass Filter40 - 160 Hz
High Pass Filter40 - 160 Hz
Fuse Rating40 A x 2
Size (LxWxH)360.0 x 237.0 x 57.0 mm
Weight4.5 kg