3-way set of car acoustics series Beta of HBC-3.28, consists of low frequency speaker of calibre 16 cm, midrange speaker 75 mm, and tweeter with diameter of the radiating dome of 28 mm. Each link has features, most aimed at the optimal division of the audible range into three bands, with a wide overlap of adjacent bands, to avoid any influence of their own cutoff frequencies on the operation of the passive or active filters in the area of collaboration emitters.

Extended frequency ranges low- and mid-frequency emitters were achieved by optimizing the degree of grinding the cellulose pulp and the use of special catalysts the binding of lignin in the manufacture of diffusers, which allowed us to obtain the impulse response with a slew rate of the front speed close to the natural musical instruments.

Midrange link supplemented by a tweeter, whose dome is loaded to a short horn shape of the aperture which provides a smooth decline in frequency response in the upper frequency boundary, that leads to a soft and comfortable sounding stringed instruments. The kit is definitely designed for the true lovers of high-quality playback of most music genres, as well as to achieve the maximum results in the sound classes of caraudio

Fs61.8110 Hz171.5590 Hz
B.I5.6000 T.m.1.4656 T.m.
Zmin4.0085 Ω3.4162 Ω
Vas20.8694 L2.8599 L
Qes0.5527 1.8117
Mms13.1231 g1.0617 g
Mas36.8600 kg/m442.0200 kg/m4
Rmt11.8881 Ωm0.7627 Ωm
Zmax20.7976 Ω19.7931 Ω
L1kHz0.6602 mH0.4212 mH
Re3.1000 Ω3.4000 Ω
Sd0.0189 m20.0050 m2
Res17.6976 Ω16.3931 Ω
Mmd11.6560 g0.8600 g
Max150 W100 W
Rms80 W50 W