2-way component speakers of Delta series - HGC-2.25, has all the main positive properties of the HBC-3.28 and HGC-2.28 series relating to low frequency loudspeakers of 16 gauge.

Woofer cone made of thermally dried pulp with a special impregnating composition, which reduces the resonance processes in its structure, due to the increase in internal losses. In combination with a surround made of styrene butadiene rubbers, having a low ratio of mechanical losses, it helps to minimize parasitic noise caused by resonant vibrations of the moving system.

25mm tweeter with a dome made of silk, allows you to shift the crossover frequency by about 1 octave, which leads to redistribution of acoustic energy between the woofer and tweeter, making the sound more aggressive and dynamic. In the same way as in the series of HDC 2.28 you can use a filters with the natural decline in the band of low frequency, which significantly expands the dynamic capabilities of the system.

Fs59.3523 Hz
B.I5.3000 T.m.
Zmin3.4753 Ω
Vas31.7814 L
Mms12.7718 g
Mas31.5900 kg/m4
Rmt31.5900 Ωm
Zmax55.7318 Ω
L1kHz0.0000 mH
Re3.1000 Ω
Sd0.2010 m2
Res52.6318 Ω
Mmd11.1581 g
Max135 W
Rms65 W