In the line of car speakers, along with the flagship 3-way version of HBC-328 there is submitted two-way model of Gamma series - HGC-228, no inferior to "big brother" in the sound quality.

The LF link is a speaker of the calibre of 16 cm with a smooth frequency response in the area of the upper cutoff frequency, extended to the high frequencies area, to ensure the junction to the tweeter with small phase-time intervals.

Optimized form of the cone neck with a special composition of the impregnation, together with a structural coating on its surface consisting of glass microspheres, allowed us to obtain the optimal combination of low mass with high stiffness shape that, in turn, influenced the significant increase in the rate of increasing of the front.

Such properties of low frequency link in combination with the tweeter, similar in design with the HBC series, allowed us to obtain a soft continuous sound, characterized by high macro dynamics and detail.

This component speakers set will satisfy the needs of the most discerning connoisseurs of quality sound.

Fs56.1124 Hz
B.I6.3000 T.m.
Zmin3.1658 Ω
Vas20.0940 L
Mms20.2003 g
Mas49.9700 kg/m4
Rmt13.9101 Ωm
Zmax38.9565 Ω
L1kHz0.0000 mH
Re3.1000 Ω
Sd0.0201 m2
Res35.8565 Ω
Mmd18.5867 g
Max150 W
Rms75 W